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Welcome! Family Strategists, LLC provides the tools, guidance, and support to help families succeed.


Our Specialty is Elementary Education Services

  • Tutoring

    • English Language Arts: Grades K - 5

    • Mathematics: Grades K - 5

    • Elementary Science: Grade 5

  • End of Grade Testing Boot Camp

    • English Language Arts: Grades 3 - 5

    • Mathematics: Grades 3 - 5

    • Science: Grade 5

  • Parent Information Sessions

    • Individual or Group

      • Advocating for your child's educational, behavioral and emotional needs in the education system ​​​

      • Navigating parent/teacher conferences 


We Empower Families to Reach Financial and Life Goals

  • Financial Empowerment

    • Personalized Saving and Spending Plans

    • Understanding and Using Credit Wisely

    • Financial Education Support Groups

  • Life Coaching

    • Individual or Group 

      • Stress management​

      • Goal-setting and achievement

      • The Power of "No"

  • Healthy Relationship Workshops  

    • Recognizing and Responding to Abuse

    • Teaching Consent from Pre-K to College

    • Healthy Relationships​

    • Personal Body Safety ​


Located in the heart of the Triangle of North Carolina, Family Strategists, LLC is a partnership between the husband-wife team of Christopher Dunston and Shereka Littlejohn Dunston. After 8.5 years of marriage, the couple finally decided to take their relationship to the next level by starting a consulting business to help other families through education and empowerment. 

We embrace the core values of truth, service, education, and empowerment. We strive to help:

  • Stressed out parents find support while advocating for their children within the educational system

  • Anxious elementary students improve their understanding of educational concepts and  prepare for End of Grade testing

  • Worried parents take control of their budget and credit issues to decrease stress and improve their family's financial well-being

  • Fearful parents ease their fears about their adolescents' budding friendships by providing tools to create meaningful, healthy relationships with their children

  • Concerned parents learn how to recognize the signs of child sexual abuse, teen dating violence, and sexual assault, in order to better safeguard their children from predators

Founding Partners

Christopher Dunston, Director of Educational Services, specializes in data-driven results. After becoming licensed as a Professional North Carolina Educator in 2006, Christopher has spent the 13 years of his career in various roles and positions, including working as a: 3rd - 5th grade teacher, Math Content Leader for grades 3-5, Elementary Instructional Facilitator and Academic Coach, Elementary Academic Intervention Specialist, and tutor for students in grades 2-5. Christopher has facilitated professional development workshops for other professional elementary educators across North Carolina, and he has experience teaching all academic subjects on the elementary level. Christopher received his Master of Arts in Executive Leadership Studies from Gardner-Webb University, a North Carolina Principal's License, and Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Livingstone College. 


Shereka Littlejohn Dunston, Director of Personal Empowerment, prides herself on providing individuals with the tools to transform their lives. Shereka is a Certified Parenting Consultant, Certified  Financial Social Worker, Certified Life Coach, Board Certified Credit Consultant, and Certified Credit Consultant. Shereka earned her Master of Social Work from Boston University, Master of Human Resources from Western Carolina University, and Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from North Carolina Central University. 


Christopher Dunston, Director of Educational Services

Shereka Littlejohn Dunston, Director of Personal Empowerment


What’s being said about our founders:

Mr. Dunston is a very hard working and knowledgeable individual whose passion for education is evident. He is very approachable and I felt extremely comfortable asking him for advice on how to improve my teaching pedagogy. His feedback and constructive criticism was incredibly insightful and spot on. Mr. Dunston not only can pinpoint areas that may need improvement, but he also suggests strategies to implement that work. 

In addition to being hard working, Mr. Dunston is very natural and passionate about education. I could tell from the first time he came into my classroom that he loved his job, he loved kids, and he knew what he was talking about. 

One of the things I most admire about Mr. Dunston is his ability to read and analyze data in a meaningful way. In our Professional Learning Community and staff meetings, Mr. Dunston worked very hard to inform the staff of the areas of need. He created numerous presentations highlighting the weakest and strongest standards for each grade level in each subject, and he also provided resources to help target these low performing standards. He understands the value of data and data-driven instruction.  

K. Dickson, 4th Grade Teacher

Shereka Dunston is an extremely organized, thoughtful, and adaptable professional. She agreed to come and speak with the Debutantes/Budding Debutantes and parents in my youth organization, The Black Girls' Corner, Inc.™, on the topics of stress management and relaxation. Everyone had fun! 

Shereka Dunston presents valuable information, and distributes informative handouts. I would recommend Shereka Dunston for presentations, workshops, and activities in ANY small or large group setting. 

Vickie L. Hughes, J.D., M.A. 
Founder/Executive Director
The Black Girls' Corner, Inc.™

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you for coming to Rebound this year and working with our students.  When you lead your groups, I saw the kids get engaged, excited, and thinking critically about the questions and topics you brought to them.  Teenagers are particularly adept at bluntly pointing out when adults they encounter in their lives are either indifferent, or not being "real" :)  The fact that the students responded so positively to you speaks volumes about your knowledge, your passion, and your care and concern for youth.

P. Gray, Former Executive Director, Rebound Program

During his time as an Instructional Facilitator, I have had the pleasure of observing and evaluating Christopher Dunston's work. His potential for growth in his profession is limitless. 

I am impressed with the sincerity and dedication of his work. Mr. Dunston has an excellent rapport with both students and colleagues. He sets high expectations in his role. 

Data is one of Mr. Dunston's greatest attributes. He is able to use data in such a way that teachers can see the relevance and usefulness within. He is also effective in working with teachers during their Professional Learning Communities. and helping to write intervention plans that directly focuses on student need. This skill is necessary to be an effective instructional leader. 

Mr. Dunston possesses the energy and commitment to do an outstanding job, given the right opportunity . He is very knowledgeable of school rules and procedures and does a great job of conveying those to staff and students. 

S. Horton, Assistant Principal 


By Phone:

Christopher Dunston: (919) 278 - 7238

Shereka L. Dunston: (919) 797 - 9307

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